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Who We Are?

Forty years ago we developed our thirst for sailing. Thirty years ago we began quenching our thirst a little at a time by purchasing a 25’ Catalina and then a 28.5 Hunter which we sailed in the lakes close to our home. Then we discovered the magic of Caribbean sailing. We sold our boat and spent the next 20 years bare boating in the USVI and BVI’s. In 2006 we purchased a Westsail 32 and sailed 10000 miles from Seattle to Ecuador through the Panama Canal and on to Florida via Columbia, Honduras, Belize and the Yucatan. After arriving in Florida we returned to the Virgin Islands as Captain and Chef on a sailing yacht where we spent 4 years providing clients with a vacation custom built to their dreams. We became the most successful crewed monohull in the fleet. In 2013 we sailed the Greek Islands. Family needs have required that we leave the water for now so based on our experience in the charter business and our passion for the water and sailing we have created Compass Yacht Charters so that we can pass our expertise on to people like you wanting to experience a vacation of a lifetime.

During our quest of sailing until 2006 we were successful management and business owners. Bob (prior to Captain Bob) was a Vice President and COO of several manufacturing companies. Debbie owned a successful mortgage company. Our professional experience and expertise will bode well in our ability to provide great customer service and timely execution of all the details that are involved with chartering a boat.

What We Do?

Deciding where, how & when to charter can be a daunting experience. That is where our experience can help you answer those questions. We are very knowledgeable of the boats and crews in the fleet. We will make sure that your vacation is without surprises and only filled with experiences beyond your expectations. This service is at NO COST TO YOU. We guide you along every step of the way and handle all of the details. We insure that the boats we suggest are the best in the industry and their crews are the most knowledgeable and provide the best service.

How it Works?

Once you give us your initial information and we find out a little about you we will send you a selection of boats that we feel are best suited to your needs. Of course, you have access to all of the boats in the fleet to review and ask us about. Once you decide on which boat you want we place the boat on hold while we prepare the contract for you and the boat to sign. We handle the execution of the contract and the deposit. At this point the boat is secured. We will follow up when the next payment is due and 30 days prior to your embarkation date we will send a preference sheet to you so that your crew can plan the itinerary and meals that suit your requirements. We can also help with your bare boating needs. Other things we assist with is possible trip insurance, BVI fishing license, specific itinerary requests and what you need to bring to mention a few. We will help with any issues you or your group may have concerning any aspect of your trip including travel, special needs, dietary restrictions, and any other question or concern that may come up before and during your charter.